WIP Community

The Washington Ireland Program (WIP) inspires and develops promising leaders through a program of personal development, policy debate and community service.  Our aim is to support leaders committed to building a future of peace and prosperity for Northern Ireland and Ireland.

For over two decades, WIP has played an important role in post-conflict Ireland by bringing together young leaders from a wide range of communities and backgrounds for an outstanding leadership and skills-development program.

Participants are challenged and equipped to reached their full potential in embodying the two core principles of WIP – service and leadership.

WIP Alums are a diverse community of accomplished ambassadors for the Program.  They share a deeply held commitment to look past differences and resolve the pressing issues that will define the island of Ireland in the 21st century.  Our Alums stay involved with issues in their local communities through our extensive network of community partner organizations.

WIP is providing an increasingly important forum that informs and facilitates reasoned dialogue and debate between our students, Alums and supporters.  We engage our community, and those who share our values, to work towards peace, reconciliation and prosperity for all on the island of Ireland.


As our country heads into a period of renewal, we urgently need that contribution; we need your empathy and your energy, your vision and your moral compass.

With over 500 alumni are making their mark across all walks of Irish society, in all parts of our island and further afield. WIP is a wonderful programme, whose promise is being richly fulfilled.

Anne Anderson

Irish Ambassador to the United States

WIP’s Vision
WIP’s vision is for a peaceful Northern Ireland and Ireland with mutually supportive and constructive relationships between and within all communities.

WIP Mission
WIP’s mission is to develop, support and engage generations of leaders who can build and sustain these relationships.

WIP’s Values
WIP believes that the successful resolution of political and socio-economic differences requires that all participants and their communities maintain their pride about themselves, their history, and their achievements, but eschew arrogance or hubris. We are open to the possibility that we are sometimes wrong.

WIP believes that the successful resolution of political and socio-economic differences requires that all participants and their communities develop a deep understanding of each others’ history and condition from the others’ perspective.

WIP believes that the successful resolution of political and socio-economic differences requires that all participants and their communities develop an esteem or deferential regard for each other.

In carrying out its goals and objectives, WIP aims to conduct its work with integrity, high standards and professionalism, and expects the same from WIP students and alumni.

The challenges facing Ireland and Northern Ireland can be solved
WIP believes that the people of Ireland and Northern Ireland can build on the peace successes so far to create a real shared future for all of their communities.

Leaders and influencers come from all communities and backgrounds
WIP believes that there are leaders and influencers in all parts of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We will endeavor to make participating in WIP accessible to all, regardless of personal or financial circumstance.

Great leaders are focused on serving others
WIP believes that an ethos of serving others is at the core of leadership, and we aim to invest in the leaders who have demonstrated their commitment to other through their actions.

There is a power in creating networks of non-likeminded individuals
WIP believes in the value of creating positive personal and working relationships among individuals with diverse views, backgrounds and political perspectives. These relationships should be underpinned by a sense of empathy, and respect for divergent points of view as well as a personal sense of humility among all involved.

There are lessons from the DC’s past and present that are valuable to Ireland and Northern Ireland.
WIP believes that the combination of the DC’s own unique relationship with Ireland and Northern Ireland, and its position as the center of the federal government provides young people from the island of Ireland with lessons, good and bad, relevant to their future.

WIP believes it can best achieve its goals and objectives by actively collaborating with like-minded organizations, in particular our sister organization SAWIP.

WIP is an independent organization. Our governance, programs and policies will be non-partisan and independent.