Representing WIP's Alumni on our Board

Heather McCormack (WIP Class of 2008)
Accenture Centre for Innovation & WIP Board Member

“The sense of solidarity I feel with the diverse alumni of WIP is what I long to see for the generations coming after me in Northern Ireland and Ireland.”

I want to help WIP Alums build on the friendships, conversations and ideas created in DC to create a positive impact at home.

Since her time as a student at Edinburgh University, Heather has been heavily involved with community groups, churches and voluntary organisations.  Having sat on the WIP Board since 2012, she has championed programmes that engage WIP Alumni with their communities at home.  “WIP has given me so much over the years since 2008, and I think as an Alumna I have a responsibility to pay that investment forward.”

Building on WIP’s partnership with Accenture, Heather has found ways for WIP Alumni to adapt professional training programmes for our community partners.  “We have developed additional training programs, of which over 150+ alumni have participated on, equipping thousands of students and recent graduates with skills to move into employment.”

As a Board Member Heather is focused on building WIP’s strategy, communications and engaging/ developing the alumni community.
“The same collaboration and connection that the alumni of WIP have is what I want to see for the future of Ireland and Northern Ireland. By creating a collaborative, connected community of influencers in every sector across the island of Ireland I believe we can be united in our diversity and enriched by our differences.”