AMBIT 2017

The International Fund for Ireland, an independent organization founded by the British and Irish governments, has worked since 1986 to help heal Northern Ireland and bordering areas of Ireland during and after 40-plus years of sectarian violence. With support from the United States, the European Union and other countries, the fund promotes economic and community development, dialogue and cooperation across sectarian lines of animosity.

Each year they invest in a select group of leaders and influencers, to learn from innovative practice in the US – through a program called AMBIT.

In 2017, WIP is leading the AMBIT Program – bringing 16 leaders from community organisations and institutional bodies from Northern Ireland and Ireland travelling to New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC, exploring how best to support young people facing challenging social realities.

The group range in experience from practitioners and community leaders to those involved in policy and policing around youth justice.  Throughout their visit they will be exploring US policy and practice aimed to improve outcomes for, and promote the positive development of, young people at risk of becoming known to the criminal justice systems in Ireland, North and South.

We are delighted to introduce the AMBIT Class of 2017

Supporting communities through shared learning

Supported by
The International Fund for Ireland

5th March – 17th March 2017

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Coordinated by the Washington Ireland Program. the group will have access to many of the leading organizations and individuals in the field in the US.   The AMBIT program also offers an opportunity of exchange between front line workers and policy makers, from Northern Ireland, Ireland and the US.

The AMBIT Class of 2017 will be aiming to bring back new learning and new practices to their own work as well as coming together with a shared voice to offer key insights from the study trip to politicians and policy makers in Northern Ireland and Ireland, in an effort to affect lasting change in their own communities and across the island of Ireland.

Upon completion, they will join the AMBIT Alumni, an ever growing body of professionals from 16 years of successful study trip to the US, all continuing to serve their communities in Northern Ireland and Ireland