How to Apply

We are glad that you are considering applying for the Washington Ireland Prorgam Class of 2017. The selection process is highly competitive with less than 10% of applicants securing a place on the WIP Class. We value the time that you have put into your application and we work to ensure that all those who apply are treated with respect.

Step 1: Self Selection

Through our website, social media and our on campus events we aim to give you a clear understanding of the purpose and practicalities of the Washington Ireland Program. We hope that this will enable you to make an informed decision about whether WIP is for you in 2017.

Step 2: Application

The WIP application focuses on essay-style questions that encourage you to describe your leadership experience and service track record so far. There are 5-6 questions that are limited to 250 words or less. Applicants are asked to upload two CVs outlining their service commitments and leadership credentials.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer all applicants an interview, and less than a quarter of the applicants make it to interview. General written feedback will be posted on the WIP website after the application deadline.

Step 3: Interview

Students participate in a formal, face-to-face interview scheduled in Belfast or Dublin in late January/early February. Each student is interviewed individually by a panel and completes a small group-based interview with other candidates. Each student is assessed based on their individual performance and how they performed in the group interview.

30 of the interviewees are selected to participate on the WIP Class of 2017. Those who are not selected are offered the opportunity to have a phone call with a WIP staff member to get personal feedback on their interview performance.

Good luck!