Management Team Recruitment

Management Team Role Description

Position Title:             Management Team
No. of Positions:        Three
Position Location:      Great Britain, Northern Ireland or Ireland (January– May & August – December)
Washington DC (Late May – Early August)

Role, Purpose and Scope
This is a challenging role for young leaders interested in gaining experience in managing and developing a team. The three member WIP Management Team will work closely with WIP’s staff to design and deliver the WIP 2017 Program. Their primary commitment and focus will be on developing the student participants of the Class of 2017 and providing guidance and insight on the substantial service project at the end of the program.

Time Commitment
Members of the Management Team (MTs) will be expected to complete approximately 1-5 hours of pre-departure preparation, two 16-hour weekend events, and approximately 20 hours of training between January and June.

MTs must be available to complete the full summer Program in DC, from ~28th May until ~the 11th August 2017. The MTs are expected to be available for 20-30 hours of office work, as well as weekend and evening student and event support, throughout the duration of the Program in DC.

The Management Team will be expected to complete ~20 hours of reporting and debriefing (including one Return weekend event) between August and October.

The Management Team will be expected to provide email and/or in-person support to students for 1-2 hours a week between August and December. The Management Team’s responsibilities during this time frame will include, but are not limited to, guiding students on implementing/executing their substantial service project, overseeing a WIP paper group, providing support for students on their final project, and assisting with recruitment and selection of the WIP Class of 2018.

This role is designed to accommodate, but is not restricted to, post-graduate or undergraduate University students.

This is a voluntary role aimed at those who are looking for an opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

WIP will provide flights to/from DC and accommodation for the duration of the stay.  To cover basic costs, MTs will receive a $200 stipend per week during their time in DC.

WIP will also commit significant time and resources to the development of the team’s leadership and management skill throughout their service.


  • Supporting the Class of 2017

Including but not limited to:
o          Advising students through their US Visa application process
o          Monitoring the self directed preparations of ten students during the pre-departure period, including oversight of their acceptance forms and curriculum assignments
o          Reviewing the student’s community service projects
o          Mentoring ten WIP students through their summer, building cohesion amongst the cohort and ensuring each student has a positive learning experience
o          Participate in on-call rotation of Management Team, responding to emergencies as they arise while following WIP policy and protocol
o          Providing guidance and support on the substantial service project upon returning home

  • Program Delivery

Including but not limited to:
o          Delivery/facilitation of an Orientation Weekend at the end of March
o          Delivery/facilitation of a Pre-Departure Preparation Weekend at the end of May
o          Managing of weekly events (as part of leadership curriculum) from design to implementation
o          Administration of 9-week summer program including weekly communications, town hall discussion speaker series coordination, oversight and review of student assignments, and production of marketing materials for WIP website
o          Event management & delivery of a Re-entry Weekend in late August
o          Completing a detailed quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the overall learning experience

  • Program Management

Working with the Director of Leadership Development, Assistant Director, and peer Management Team members to:

o          Manage relationships with key supporters (including Host families, Work placement supervisors, Speakers)
o          Ensure successful operations of summer program, from administrative tasks to organizing and executing an event
o          Compile end of summer program report with fellow MTs
o          Providing advice & guidance for the following group of MTs

  • Recruitment of the Class of 2018

Including but not limited to:

o          Preparation of marketing materials for the WIP website
o          Alumni coordination of WIP recruitment events at local universities and colleges
o          Coordination and management of content for social media marketing campaign
o          Review of WIP Class of 2018 applications during the months of November and December

  • Other Duties as Assigned


This role is aimed at those with a strong affinity with the values of WIP, a high level of leadership potential & a track record of service.

Beneficial Experience

–           Guiding, motivating and supporting a team of peers
–           Influencing and communicating with a wide range of audiences
–           Managing relations within a professional context
–           Working in an loosely structured/start up environment

Essential Values and Beliefs

–           A commitment to the purpose and mission of WIP
–           Demonstrated integrity
–           Humility
–           A commitment to high standards.

Key Skills Needed

–           Highly developed inter-personal skills
–           Effective problem solving and collaboration skills
–           An analytical approach and intellectual curiosity
–           Ability to mentor others
–           Adaptability and flexibility
–           Ability to operate in an ambiguous environment
–           Ability to respond in a timely and appropriate fashion
–           Professionalism
–           Dedication to personal and professional excellence

Selection Process

If you would like to apply, please submit your CV and a cover letter to by November 21st, 2016 at 11:59 pm UTC. An interview process will follow the application deadline with an expected start date in early January.