Our Alum Community

Over the past twenty four years over 700 talented leaders from all communities in Northern Ireland and Ireland have participated in our Program.  They share a deeply held commitment to look past differences and to resolve the pressing issues that will define the island of Ireland in the 21st century.  Today they are excelling in roles across the political, business, legal, entrepreneurial, advocacy and cultural sectors on the island.

Prominent Alums include Cabinet Members in the Irish Government and Northern Irish Executive, three members of the Northern Irish Assembly, three former Mayors (Armagh, Carlow and Derry-Londonderry) and numerous elected officials.  Many others are leading figures in the media, academia and the arts.

We engage this dynamic and diverse community in a series of community-focused events; many of which can be seen in the news items below.

*Style note – throughout our materials we try to use the phrase ‘Alum’, rather then the gendered ‘Alumni’ or ‘Alumnae’

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