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WIP Weekly Round Up – 21st October 2011

Small Lives National Library Dublin

If you are looking to catch up on the conversation in Ireland, Northern Ireland and DC start here..

Starting today, and every Friday from now on, WIP will highlight five events, news stories and opinion pieces that caught our eye over the last week.

1. Arts – If you visit one exhibition this week, make it “Small Lives” in Dublin’s National Library.  Bringing together photographs and prints of children in Ireland from 1880 to 1970.  You can check out the images online here

2. Politics (Ireland) – As we enter the last week of the Presidential Campaign in Ireland, David Adams reflects on the perception of those “down here” (Ireland) to those from “up there” (Northern Ireland) and concludes: “Ultimately, we’re seen as outsiders – if not quite foreigners – poking our noses into a polity that’s none of our business”.  Check out the full article here

3. Peace and Reconciliation (Northern Ireland) – Following on from his trip two weeks ago to DC, senior loyalist Jackie McDonald is making news in Northern Ireland having agreed to help unveil a portrait of republican icon, James Connolly in Belfast City Hall.

4. Education (Northern Ireland) – Statistics on the religion of students attending University in Northern Ireland (with one third Protestant) has prompted comment and debate in Northern Ireland.  This short piece on Slugger O’Toole is worth a read.

5. Politics (DC) – Kenneth Walsh, author of “Family of Freedom” and guest speaker to the WIP Class of 2011, gives his view on the impact of the Republican Presidential Primary Debate in Las Vegas.

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